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Booster Treatments 

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Cyro Eye Professional Treatment 

YOUTHFUL EYES: This treatment has been specifically designed for the eye area to immediately erase signs of fatigue and aging.

Enriched with extract fro flax seeds and ultra-hydrating complexes 

Signature Back Treatment 

60 minutes / $129

An exceptional treatment protocol insured by ancestral oriental tradition: a syrup to prepare the body for exfoliation, then a body massage to nourish and enhance the skin for an experience of pure relaxation. 

Includes Beautifying legs enhancer: amber gel that instantly enhances the legs with a discreet tinted veil. 

Athletics Body Treatment

15 minutes / $25

A detoxifying mousse wrap with active ingredients known for their lipolytic and antioxidant effect


bring warmth & tone to the skin before exercising


to help perfect figure, relax, and de-stress with the sensory wrap & relaxing. Tension alleviating massage 

Formostar Encore

60 minutes / $85 (package price available)

the Formostar Encore used infrared heat that activates the metabolism, increases blood Flow/circulation, and enrages the body to consume energy while brining calories to stimulate weight loss

We use a silicone treatment in which pads are wrapped around your target zone while you relax on a massage table. The targeted infrared heat penetrates 2x aw deep as conventional heat method to get at fats, toxins, and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the surface of the skin. 

Exfoliating Facial Peel


Exfoliating Hand/Arm OR Legs/Feet scrub with Hydrating Mask 


Hand OR For Hydration treatment 


Foot OR Back Scrub with Essential Oils & Hydrating Mask 


Express Mint Foot Reflexology 


Hot Stone Treatment For Arms, Legs, OR Feet


Microdermabrasion - Arms, Hands OR Legs


Mint OR Lavender Scalp Massage 


Destress Eye Treatment


Eye Brow Shaping & Waxing 


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